A Katy-did Wedding

In the vast world of “pinterest.com/category/weddings”, there are so many unique and fun crafts that people like me plan to make, but then never get around to actually making. No matter how pretty, unique, or fantastic they may look, over and over again, life puts a stop in even the best laid plans.

Weddings, though, are an excuse to pull out the stops.





At Pistol Creek Ranch, on March 28th, the now Mrs. Katy Seale showed us how it was done. From the flowers accenting the venue to the bouquets and boutonnieres, the dozen clever signs and the rustic chic wood slices, she DIY’d the ever-loving burlap out of her wedding. It was as professionally decorated a wedding as many I’ve seen, done with that home-schooler, “Anything they can do, I will do better.”

The bustle of preparing for the afternoon wedding was soothed by a faithful soft breeze, only to be rioted by the frolicking groomsmen. A few strict reprimands and a gopher-bit bridesmaid’s finger later and the ceremony was set to begin.



IMG_4778 IMG_4775 IMG_4776 IMG_4277 moredetails IMG_4287 detail shots IMG_4333 IMG_7489 flowers IMG_6570

     We shot the wedding with the help of our new “assistan-ette,” the ever-so-talented-despite-her-lack-of-age-and-photography-exposure, Michelle Wingo. As one of our favorite Jr. High students and an aspiring photographer, she filled out our three-man team nicely. (I don’t want to seem anti-semantic, so technically, it was a one “man” and two “wo-man” team). In my own humble opinion, we knocked this one out of the park. Or, we would have, but it was in a pasture, not a park.


IMG_4445 IMG_6009-2 IMG_5995-2 IMG_6254-2 IMG_5918 IMG_7323 IMG_7357 IMG_7507





Petrified, but Enchanted Nonetheless

Hey all,

This is a little blurb about our trip to Stone Oak Ranch. They had a little get together of brides and vendors, so Casey and I joined our Complete team to make an appearance, shake hands, and sip hot cider.

It was pouring rain as we pulled up. (So, no, the picture isn’t ours, I grabbed it from Google). While we dodged hydroponic missiles on our way into the building, I was hit by how pretty the place was. For those of you who haven’t yet visited, they’ve put a lot of effort into the grounds, and it feels like a sprawling garden. If it weren’t under an inch and a half of rain, we would have been entirely charmed.

As it was, we hurried inside to be met by a throng of blushing brides and enough vendors to assemble half a dozen weddings in a weekend. As we thawed and greeted, I snagged the opportunity to meander the reception hall and check out the building.

For you Athenians or locals out there looking for a venue, this place is pretty great. They have all the photogenic scenery you could need for a barn/garden party type wedding, from the gardens and  trees to the huge wooden doors and and various patios. They’ve even have a balcony to climb when you get to the bouquet toss! From what I understand, it’s comparatively inexpensive and well worth the price, so give them a look. You can find info on their website.

That’s about it for now, we’ve got a wedding this weekend, so keep an eye out for bridals and various whatnot shots to hit the blog soon.

We’ll chat later.


Bohemian Styled Shoot


place cards

     Ever since the first day Casey picked up a camera, she’s been searching for those little things that turn a good picture into an amazing picture.

She’s spent countless hours devouring the YouTube/blog-o-sphere buffet of “Photograpy Tips-and-Tricks.” Anyone looking at the progression of her work can tell the huge amount she’s absorbed.

So when we saw this styled shoot with Pursuing Eden, we jumped at the opportunity. There is a special extravagance to the pictures you can get during a styled shoot.

First, in a normal wedding, you have a couple that needs to get married. There is all sorts of ceremony to be attended to and all sorts of stress threatening to detract from the end-product.

Also, most of the people involved have never done weddings. Maybe the couple spent some money to hire a coordinator or florist, or maybe they found a professional stylist, but generally, mom and dad, Aunt Joanne, Cousin Suzie and their tribe of volunteers shoulder most of the work.

In a Pursuing Eden styled- shoot, you have a ba-jillion professionals working to get everything just right. From the outfits to the flowers, the props to the models, those responsible are people who, day in and day out, make a living doing what you see below.

It was an exquisite experience.

If you’re looking to create your own uniquely magical wedding, we’ve posted links at the bottom to connect with all of the people involved.




table 3






Styling:Pursuing Eden Vintage Sales and Rentals

Hair: HAiR by Lanna Cooper

Makeup: Victoria Morris Makeup Artist

Models: Willum and Madlyn Lackey

Flowers: A Touch of Nature

Paper: Southern Fried Paper

Cake: Kool Kakes by Dylan

Dress: Weddings A to Z Bridal Boutique

Antlers: Mad Antler

50% Complete

For more ycompleteears than I’ve been alive, Complete Weddings and Events has been bringing the party to weddings.

Nationwide, they handle over 13000 weddings a year. That’s over 250 events a weekend! Since 1973, they’ve been refining their training and techniques to bring you the best value at the best cost. They provide a DJ, up-lighting, video, photography, and even photo booths at a fraction of the cost of a freelancer.

Now, while that’s a plug for Complete as a company, get ready for the cool bit. It’s a franchise.

For those of you who, like myself, thought franchises were strictly for fast food markets, let me elucidate.

The east Texas branch of Complete is run by Chris and Ashley Choice. They have a team of DJ’s, videographers, and photo-peeps that pretty much run the industry in the Tyler area. We connected while shooting the Stehman wedding. The videographer-on-the-scene (trust me, it’s a thing), Michael, met us, worked alongside of us, and recommended us to Chris. Chris then called us, set up a meeting, and woo’d us (professionally, of course) into joining the team.

As of writing this, half of the weddings we’ve shot this year have come through Complete. They’re a blast and a breeze to work with, and they make the whole wedding process smooth. (Which is how we like to do, anyway).

If you haven’t already, check out their stuff. If you’re having a wedding or event (I think their DJ’s will do birthday parties), give them a call.

Till then, stick with the cool side of the pillow,