Lee Wedding

Once again I am not a word magician like my husband, but sometimes I feel the need to share images before he gets the chance to write me up a blog post. So without wordsmithing I give you the Wallick/Lee wedding! ( and some really gorgeous florals)



I can’t tell you guys how horrible I am at blogging, but when you have weddings like this sometimes all you can do is use photos to speak.  So for someone with no words.. Here are pretty pictures!

Lake Tyler Petroleum Club

Since day one of my photography career ( which if we are honest wasn’t that long ago) I had a vision in mind of the places I  wanted to photograph, and the Petroleum Club was at the very top of that list. Haleigh and Matt Mizzles made that vision a reality. Not only are Haleigh and Matt some of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know they are absolutely stunning to boot! Since I am a woman of few words(online) lets get down to the good stuff!









When Bridgette originally contacted me the plan was to have a fall wedding. Well instead she decided that she wanted to have a smaller laid back wedding four months before her original date. When I showed up June 18th there was nothing “small” about it! With the help of La Peony Events , Bridgette managed to pull off one of the most beautiful weddings I have had the pleasure to be a part of. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek as much as I know Bridgette will 😉

Centaur Arabian Farms

Gold glitter everywhere.


That’s what makes a wedding for me.


This last ceremony at Centaur Arabian Farms practically screamed “gold glitter.”

Not in a “now I’ll never be able to wear this shirt without sparkling” kind of way, but the kind that says, “Everywhere I look things are beautiful and shiny and perfect.”


The couple, Kari and Jordan, were fantastic to work with. Southern hospitality meets rustic elegance. The kind of neighbors you meet and think, “If I had to pick another family to live with, they would be top-of-the-list.”


Every detail was immaculate without being overdone. Diane, the coordinator, took the couple’s plans and decorative vision, and executed it with her signature flair and level of finesse. The whole night, from wine and chicken nuggets in the ready-room to cinnamon graham cracker s’mores at the reception said, “Welcome to our family, let us share our love story with you.”


I know how much we all love weddings but weddings at Stone Oak Ranch are just a little more magical than most, and Christina and Ray’s day was no exception. As Texas A&M graduates Christina and Ray chose to incorporate Aggie themed decor into their wedding as well as beautiful  blush pink and mint green. We photographers DREAM about weddings like this. I hope you enjoy this little peek at some of my favorite images from the Baca wedding!


Venue- http://www.stoneoakranch.com/


Gown- Stella York

Say Queso!!

Most weddings are a barely controlled whirlwind of ruckus and hullabaloo. There is so much going on that no one’s head is on quite straight. Basically, if you end the day married, (assuming you started it with that goal in mind), the wedding was a success. Any successful wedding planner knows that schedules are flimsy things, more of guidelines than actual rules.

This weekend’s wedding, however, was so relaxed that it was a Complete joy, (see what I did there?), to shoot. Abby and Josh Sproul tied the knot, (technically the lasso), at The Southern Bliss in Nacogdoches on April 4th. His family is small,  mild mannered, Irish-rooted, and a wonderful group of people.

JOSHHer family is myriad, Hispanic, impressively good cooks, and the type of people who live life fully and loudly. There is enough friendship in that crowd for more backyard barbecues than the cows in Texas could manage.

MAKEUPOur first multi-cultural wedding left us longing to go back to the white sandy beaches of Cancun, relaxing with people who take life as it comes to them, enjoying each moment alongside the people who are with them.

DRESSIMG_8700-2It always makes me chuckle that, in spanish, “wife” is the same word for “handcuff.”

Though, seen through the lens of this wedding, a single handcuff is not a sentence to jail, but a firm grip on something immensely valuable.DETAILSIMG_8146


IMG_8650IMG_5594IMG_8879IMG_9050IMG_9008IMG_8983-2 To the happy couple,